IVC 2020 Scholarship: Ebonyi Unable To Fill Quota

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By Madonna Nwani


Ebonyi State has failed to fill it’s quota for the 2020 International Vocational Centre scholarship. Ebonyi State was allorted a quota of 1,950 for the year. But as the funds are ready now for disbursement, only about 1085 scaled the requirements hurdle.

Speaking to Citizens’ Advocate in Abakaliki last week, the State Coordinator, Mr. Monday Okori said 70 of this number are for first degree scholarships overseas even as 15 are headed to New York University to study medicine; bringing the total number of overseas scholarship for Ebonyi State to 85.

He added that the remaining figures are on scholarship in Nigeria in both tertiary and secondary institutions.

He nevertheless lamented that over 842 of this number have issues with their particulars; either incorrect registration number, missing passport or unprocessed documentation.

Mr. Okori was emphatic that no chosen candidate would lose his/her chance, provided the prerequisites are fulfilled.

About 35 candidates were issued identity card that will facilitate their banking transactions with the Centre.

“You know it is a scholarship. You have to pass the exam. Everybody is not expected to pass. But for those who passed; because of what they have experienced in the past, they will do something but won’t see the result, they felt it was a scam and failed to process their wards particulars. These are the kind of people that may lose out at the end of the day”, he said

You’ll have your fitness certificate, fill your mandatory form which will now contain the details of the bank account you’ve opened, the details where you are studying and the details of students and guardians etc and very vital information that will enable the student to be identified. If you have done all you are expected to do, it is not a question of man know man”

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