Reasons For Thanking China For The Coming Of Covid–19 To The World

By Rt. Rev. Msgr. PatrickMary A. Mmuo,

Thanks be to God for his gift of our brother China from who has come to the world the gift of the Coronavirus with its lessons about the forgotten equality and brotherhood of all mankind, and the indiscriminate character of the love that he imbued in every man at creation through his spirit which he breathed into Adam to make him the first of humanity and father of all mankind of all generations, cf. Gen. 1:28, 29.

For two thousand two hundred and twenty years now, since God established this order for the world which he had created out of love, men had begun, even from the beginning, to reject and resist this project of love, because of the evil which God’s enemy, Satan the devil, introduced into the world by deceiving the first people, Adam and Eve, to disobey God and sin. Satan had disobeyed God in the spiritual realm and had got expelled from heaven; and had begun his own kingdom with his spiritual adherents. From that kingdom of hell that is full of hatred, chaos and suffering, Satan had come to earth to recruit human followers from mankind. He deceived Adam and Eve to disobey God and eat the forbidden fruit. Thereafter he led them into his own kingdom where, through them, he began to generate human offspring of sin and departure from God.

But God came and effected a new creation from the offspring of Adam and Eve, by taking on human flesh for himself, from the woman, Mary as his mother, and incarnating as Jesus his Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit who overshadowed Mary filling her with God. This was similar to God breathing his Spirit into Adam at his creation as ‘man’. When Jesus came into the world, he introduced to all mankind of every generation, the option to either come to him and become one with him in the new world which begins as his Church; or to remain in the old world of Adam.

The Place Of Riches In The World Of Adam – The Forbidden Fruit Of The Garden Of Eden

In the world of Adam, the greed for material things and pleasures, the forbidden fruit, still draws men to Satan’s kingdom, as it did in Eden to Adam and Eve. Even nowadays many people go there by living the life of greed, avarice, envy and jealousy, hatred, gluttony, enmity, factions, discrimination, rivalry, terrorism, materialism and squandamania, seeking excessive material pleasures.

Covid-19 In China

Men’s excessive greed for material things and pleasures, with its chaotic environment, has existed in the world up to the year 2019, and to the present year. In 2019, the rivalry and scramble to possess all the world’s wealth and resources, led our brothers of the nation of China to develop the scientific excellence that helped them to produce the Coronavirus Covid-9 in their laboratories. But this unique and horrible creature has brought only the death and killing of human beings into the world. Seeing that all mankind are one, equal and the same without discrimination by nature, the virus in its horrible onslaught, uses this principle in its killing procedures. It kills every man it meets unaware, without exemption or respect for personality, rank or origin of birth, or membership of social class or association. Thus, the virus teaches and reminds all mankind that they are one and equal; and must begin to live in unity and love according to their human nature at origin; and work together to fight the virus and the other anti-human forces that would ultimately kill them all and wipe them off the earth, so that the right generation of mankind would be introduced by God to live as better human beings. In this way what is happening in the world now on account of the Coronavirus pandemic war on the modern world, could be regarded as a contribution or warning for men, to learn and quickly begin a new world order and  a generation of mankind which would be more obedient to God and loyal to the original nature which God ordained in creation, in their dealings with worldly affairs, especially towards fellowmen as equals; loving and caring for the brethren without discrimination. Thus China, through the Coronavirus, reminds the world of the evil of Atheism and Materialism, and the necessity of returning to God for life instead of staying alive in death.


The Chinese scientists and rich men put in very much hard work and economic wealth to produce the Coronavirus. This shows that new, unique and interesting things can still be invented for human enjoyment in the world. This is in agreement with God’s command to man at creation, when God said to Adam; ‘Be fruitful and multiply: fill the earth and subdue (develop) it. Name the animals, eat the plants and trees… ..’ cf. Gen. 1; 28, 29.  Therefore the Coronavirus affair is a call to all people in all fields of learning and industry to work hard and produce great and even more unique and marvelous things in the world, but according to God’s command that those things be useful, lifesaving, and enjoyable for all mankind. Those things must not be like the Coronavirus which has brought only suffering, disaster and death to modern mankind en-mass. They must not be nuclear weapons, atomic bombs, war arsenals, gas poisons and the other weapons of death against humanity and mankind. They must not begin or promote international rivalry between the World Powers, to destroy world peace, love, friendship, progress and human life en-mass.


From the behaviour of the Coronavirus, the Chinese who produced it, and all who are bearing its onslaught, will see the wrongness of the principle of Atheism in the management of human affairs. With atheism as basic principle, the leader and everybody with him, would ultimately not be able to reap any harvest from all their labors in this world. The Coronavirus which has emerged from this domain of atheism has only the power to kill everybody, even its own producer or master, because it has no life or goodness from God who gives these precious virtues, but who is held not to be existent.   Therefore, the virus kills without discrimination or respect of any kind. It presumes to be the ultimate power in existence, not minding God when killing. This means that from their principle of atheism, everybody including themselves would be dead by the end of all business in this world. Then, not only God, but also themselves and every other human being, would be non-existent by the end of our human life in this world. Then, the world as we see it now would be a visible, moving, but non-existent reality! But this is an unimaginable absurdity!!! A horrible farce!

The atheist who thinks that God does not exist fights to make himself God. His moral principle is himself. Therefore he controls everything concerning life within his domain (the whole world if possible). Then, the Coronavirus appears from his workers and kills everybody without exemption, including the atheist. After the war nobody is left alive, because according to him God does not exist, and no atheist exists to reap the harvest of his labors on earth. In this situation why was the business on earth done at all, and what’s the meaning of anything? Without God what’s the meaning of anything? Existence disappears, and to the atheists the world is a visible, touchable, non-existent reality!! This is an unimaginable absurdity!!! A great lesson from the Coronavirus Covid-19 is:  THAT ALL  MANKIND MUST  ACKNOWLEDGE  THAT  GOD  EXISTS!!! People of the modern world should all come back to God and ask for his enlightenment and support in the efforts to overcome the onslaught of Covid-19 pandemic war against all mankind. This lesson is directed especially for the attention of China and Russia.

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