Who Will Guide The Guardian?

One of the major problems we have as a country is the unashamed and effortless way by which we celebrate mediocrity and even justify it. Thus when our age is being categorized as the age of feelings, of people ruled solely by their feelings and nothing more,  there cannot be any truer fact than that. With the coronavirus skyrocketing and cudgeling the world to its feet, with many countries struggling to get back to their feet, by reopening their schools or exploring other options to see to the education of its people, their businesses,  in order to survive in this dark days, Nigeria as usual has remained unmoved while unconcernedly played ducks and drakes with the common wealth, and ever ready to give lame excuses why it is not yet safe to open but it is okay for elections not to be postponed so as not to invite constitutional crisis.

However, this is not the case we are to tackle. Our news outlets and social media are  at the moment  suffused with the news of Big Brother Nigeria Reality show, popularly known as BBNAIJA. A reality show in which contestants numbering about 12 to 21 live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize worth $100,000 or even more at the end of the show by avoiding being evicted by viewers. The first episode of the show dates back to 5th March 2006. The 5th episode of the show began on 19th July, 2020 and has been scheduled to last for 92 days.

The question now is, what exactly do these contestants do within these days of self isolation that lands the winner the huge sum and others properly compensated? Research has shown that this reality show is nothing but a glorified exhibition of adults frolicking and gamboling about almost on their birthday suit and with a seeming carte blanche of being sexually intimate with no privacy. It is more of day light prostitution or better put, glorified pornography given out for public consumption. So what again can be said to be the essence of the show, what value does it add to the life of people?

Everyday we see students drop out of schools due to no financial support, we organize academic competitions and talent shows and the winners go home with paltry sum, but here people take home huge amounts for absolutely doing nothing. The danger that comes with shows like this is in the young minds it ruffles. It is sheer hypocrisy that continuously we lament on the increasing immorality that is fast corroding every facet of our humanity, which had led to many evils like rape and other sexual assaults, but we still see nothing wrong with this particular show. No one considers the damage this does to young minds. The foremost argument is that  it’s an adult show not meant for children as though adults are immune to such psychological damage albeit not in the same degree.

This therefore is a call to make better use of our energy, to channel it properly into something meaningful. The amount spent on this show of shame could be used to encourage bright and talented students by organizing competitions or other skills acquisition for them having been out of school for months now at least to keep their brain alive. But with the way many adults in Nigeria are falling head over heels in love with the show spells great danger, for who then will guide the guardian? The government should also look into this, even if the show is not totally stamped out, at least it should be regulated to be at least morally suitable to be consumed. Shows like this are some of the little ways we sow the wind, we should not therefore be carried away when we begin to reap the whirlwind !

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