Ezzagu Youths Kidnap, Gang Rape Girl, 20

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…Force Her Brother To Have Sex With Her

…Police Kill 2 While Rescuing the Victims

By Esther Nworie

Five among the Ezzagu youths  alleged to have gang raped a 20-year-old girl, Chioma, after kidnapping her, her brother and one other after a failed ponzi scheme.

They also forced her brother to have sex with her  in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

The killing of two men by the police for allegedly kidnapping the 3 traders from Enugu who went to do business in the community and rape of 20-year-old girl among the traders has pitched the police against the community.

The community accused the police of killing innocent people.

Arguing that in as much as they condemn hostage of the traders and the rape of their female colleague Miss Chioma who their boss allegedly ran away with the money he collected from the villagers through his Ponzi scheme business, the two young men shot by police on Saturday were innocent citizens.

Ebonyi Police had on Saturday arrested two youths from Ezzagu for allegedly kidnapping the traders but the two suspects arrested, one is Ugbo said they held the traders in a bush to provide their money for them since their boss was nowhere to be found.

The development has thrown the community into fear as the residents fled from their homes.

The 20 year old girl who was allegedly gang raped by five boys was rescued on Monday by the police and she recounts her ordeal with Citizens’ Advocate.

The girl alleged that her brother was forced to sleep with her under duress inside the bush while others who could not have carnal knowledge of her, were inserting their fingers in her private part and also inserted sticks in her body.

The rape victim Chioma while speaking with Citizens’ Advocate said, “I’m from Aku Nsukka in Enugu state, I’m 20 years old, while my brother is 27 years old. A company employed us and we advertise new Noddles known as Bestie, Pampers, Power Oil among other things for them. Our boss, whom I only knew as Otukpo also recruited some people from the village. When they sold any of the items, a particular amount was paid to them as allowance. My boss also introduced us to an investment program where you invest N1000 and after five days they pay you N1,500.”

“We were recruited from Enugu state and on getting to the community, more people were also recruited. It was the youth leader of the community that brought us from Enugu and we rented one of his rooms for one year. He also has a share in any fund we generated for the company.”

“One day, our boss traveled, I went to the office and waited for sometime but didn’t see him. There were others working with my boss too but we didn’t see any of them. I’m into the business with my elder brother and one other person.”

“So my boss and his friends abandoned the three of us and fled the community. I have worked with them in that village for only two weeks.”

“On Wednesday last week, some of the village youths came to us and were asking after our boss, but when we told them we don’t know his whereabouts, they took us to a bush in the village where they held us hostage.”

“Inside the bush, they removed my cloth, tore my pant and bra. Some of them had sex with me while some who were afraid inserted their hands and sticks into my vagina. They were touching my breast anyhow.”

“After five of them took turns on me, they insisted that my brother must have sex with me. I pleaded with them but they refused. They went and brought my brother to where I was kept, removed his clothes and were flogging him. My brother told them it is an abomination for him to have sex with his sister, but they threatened to kill him and were beating him mercilessly.”

“My brother had to obey them and after having sex with me blood started coming out from my vagina. Despite seeing blood some of them still inserted sticks inside my vagina. I saw hell!”

“They took us deep inside the bush and we stayed there for five days. The incident happened on Wednesday and the police rescued me on Monday. Whenever they hear anything like gunshots they will take us farther inside the bush.”

“I begged them to have pity on me that they should hand me over to the police, but they said the case is not a police case. Insisted they must kill us and throw our body inside the river.”

“I even told them that if they take me to my sister in Enugu, that our boss lives close to them that I will find him and that I know his children, but my entire plea landed on deaf ears.”

“They had sex with me every night from that Wednesday till I was rescued. They tied my hands and had sex with me one after another. They didn’t give me anything to eat.”

“After torturing me, one of them we know as CSO, took me to a place where he bought bread and pure water which he gave me to eat. While we were at the junction, I don’t know the name of the place because it was my first time of going there. But right there, a woman saw me and the CSO who is also the youth leader and started shouting, asking the woman, so you are with this girl, that was when he ran away and the woman called policemen who came and took me.  If you see my whole body you will shudder, they hit me with sticks and rod.”

A stakeholder from Ezzagu, Barr Steve Ugama said that they got a report  that 2 persons were shot by the police and since the Deputy Governor was around, he told them to move to the village to clarify what was happening.

Barr Steve said, “On Saturday we got a report that two persons were shot in our place by the police. We were at the local government to share the palliatives from the state government and luckily enough, the Deputy Governor was there and he told us to move down to the village to know what was happening.”

“On getting there, we discovered that about two or three months ago, some persons came to the community and rented a place. They have a shop where they equally rented, where they do their business. What business do they do? They collect money from innocent villagers and tell them if they pay N1000, in the next four days, they will get back N2000.”

“This went on for like two to three months, they collected huge amount of money from the community. On Thursday last week the leader of the Ponzi scheme made away with the money that was collected. When people heard of this, they decided to hold hostage the three remaining members.”

“They told them to call their leader to bring back the money he collected. Now, it became obvious that it was a plan deal between them and their leader to leave with the money. These ones made attempt to leave and the youths of the community held them back and told them that they were not going anywhere until the money collected from the villagers is brought back, that was the genesis of the problem.”

“We totally agree that the right thing they should have done was to hand them over to the police, but when people are pushed to the wall, they will react and that was why they took the law into their hands. If anybody is tagging it kidnapping, that is for the court to decide. “

“Sadly, the police got information that these people were being held hostage and they moved in.”

“The two young men who died in that incident were not even from that community. One of them was a labourer that was employed to work at a place around the area and he only went to the market square to eat, but on his way back, he met his untimely death.”

“We, the stakeholders of the community are not in any way supporting any criminality that was committed by the youths.”

“First, by holding them hostage because the right thing they should have done would have been to hand them over to the police. Let police carry out investigation and arrest their boss.”

“Second, they equally alleged that the girl was raped, if that is established those who did it should be charged to court and they should go in for the crime they have committed. But painting the village as a kidnapping den is what is not right.”

“Equally, we want to clear an impression because one of the things that went out to the press was that it was the president general of the community that led the people who held them hostage, that is not true, it is the youth leader of the village that was involved.”

“They actually gave them a date and they kept promising, it was when the pressure became too much on them that their leader ran away. They have a receipt which they issued and the way they designed the receipt, their address carries the name of the village, Onunwafor Ezzagu, though they have one funny address in Lagos which we know is fictitious. They will write the amount you paid and they will write on the receipt, on a particular date, they will pay you in return. So nobody was paid within this period for three months.”

“The truth about it is that we the stakeholders didn’t know about these atrocities when it was ongoing, there is no way we would have known and kept quiet. I know what it means to go home and give my aged mother N5,000 and she told me that someone promised to give her N10, 000 if she invests the N5,000, we would have intervened. We would have been the ones that would have arrested them and handed them over to the police.”

“We only got to know about this thing on Saturday and immediately we moved to the village, sadly we couldn’t find anyone because the place was deserted for fear of being arrested.”

“Monday who is from the community that testified that the victims were kidnapped by the youths of the community is the village leader and he was working with them, he was the one who brought them to the community. When their leader made away with the money and disappeared, he was in conversation with them. One thing about this case is that some of these phone calls can be extracted and we will know the truth.”

“He was conversing with them trying to see how he can help him to facilitate these people leaving the community, that was when the issue of sending account number came in so that their leader can send money for their transportation. He is the same young man that gave them accommodation, he brought them to the village, so he was working with them.”

Police Public Relations Officer, Odah Loveth said, “There was allegation that police were high-handed in handling the case. In fact, that the two people that the police killed were not even from the village and were ‘Okada’ riders.”

“It was in the bush that the police met them, and they engaged the police in exchange of gunshots. If you ask the victims rescued, they will tell you that police never went to the deceased homes, it was in the bush that we met them. This girl was kept separate from the brother after they had forced him to have sex with his sister. They didn’t want him to see them as they continued raping her.”

“Two policemen sustained bullet injuries. The one that shot them used pump action and we recovered some live cartridges from them. They had ‘juju’ on them, when you shoot at them they will just dust it off their body. It was the grace of God on our side that helped one of the policemen to get two of them on the chest while they were busy dusting off the previous bullet that landed on their chest.”

“Now that this people have been rescued, we will get their boss that ran away. We are not going to leave any of them because they also have allegations against them that they owe some of the villagers. But you should know that when a bigger offence of kidnap and rape are involved, defrauding will be kept one side. We will not leave any stone unturned to ensure that justice prevail in this matter.

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