It May Not Be Business As Usual

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Since the advent of the coronavirus in Nigeria and the subsequent marathons of lockdowns, we have gravitated from one social ill to the other and gradually we are queuing into a slippery slope. We have moved from the issue of domestic violence that became rampant in the wee hours of the lockdown to the issue of rape that raged like a harmmattan fire that turned a preponderance of women into sexual preys. The killing of people at mere provocations, over little things that initially wouldn’t have raised much dust. This is evident in the many previous publications of this paper since the advent of  the virus.

Globally, we battled the issue of racism and the monstrous killing of the black American man, Floyd, by a group of White cops which sparked off worldwide protest across the world especially in the black communities.

In Nigeria also, we have battled the issue of day light robberies by some who sit at the corridors of power who are meant to see to the common good, but who however turned around and feed fat from the public purse.

All these combined and many more concatenate to give rise to the present tension and rancour evident in our ambience, thus that life has become “cruel, short and brutish” for it is now the survival of the fittest. People now engage in virtually all kinds of activities just to keep body and soul together.

The recent incident that took place on the 29th of July, 2020, which led to the death of four police men along Izhiangbo junction, who were accompanying a bullion van from Enugu to deposit money in one of the commercial banks in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital remains a horror. The police men were waylaid by a group of gunmen who disguised themselves in police uniforms, though the driver of the bullion van managed to escape with a burst tyre to an army checkpoint that was few metres ahead. Four policemen accompanying the van felt the heavy downpour of the blood bath which claimed their lives and left some of them injured.

The above case is a clear evidence of how volatile the atmosphere has become in this critical time. One cannot equally forget the blood bath that is also going on in Kaduna State at the moment, with its gory unsightly sites that send cold shivers down ones spine. It is only heart breaking that not much has been done about it. These scenario call for a more tightened security throughout the country, because many have been pushed by situations and circumstances to the cliff of life, that they are willing to do anything without blinking.

As it stands at the moment, if nothing is done to curtail these raging fire and anger that is continually brewed by harsh situations and other tendencies in  people, we may not be able to face the music when it comes.

It is very true that there is hunger in the land and everyone is trying so hard to eke out a living, but we should apply caution even in these our natural quests so that we do not rob Peter to pay Paul.

For some of these people being killed or who have fallen victims are not per se the cause of our troubles or the problems of Nigeria, so why should they pay for something they know nothing about.

The government should bear in mind that a preponderance of the youths are presently at home and unemployed, so there is urgent need to make out plans for these youths, to create programs that would engage them and keep them busy. This will to a great extent reduce the crime rate we are presently experiencing. For even if the culprits to the many crimes that have been committed are caught, it may not actually do much in dissuading others who already have such sinister ideas up their sleeves if they have nothing doing. For as it is said an idle mind is a devils workshop.

Also the government should make effort to be more transparent in her governance, for it is only through transparency that the citizens can see something to hold on to and not feel betrayed and resort to other illegal means of having a share in the national cake which should things be done right, must get to everyone fairly.

Finally, the government should make adequate plans for the post covid-19 era so as to carry everyone along, and tread carefully for it may not be business as usual !

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