Modern World History: An Era Of Worldwide Desire Of Men To Become God. Advice Of The Coronavirus Covid–19 On The Situation

By Msgr. PatrickMary Anene Mmuo


In past human history, many men in early times had wielded so much power that they strove to be regarded as God in their territories of influence and elsewhere, if possible. However, they knew that they must die and therefore provided some close relatives or associates to take over their position after them. Some examples were Emperor Nero in Rome, and in Britain, Athelstan, King of All Britain, 925 – 40. These people were usually atheists who believed that there was no Almighty God, or other supreme being or beings.

In the modern world atheists abound in the nations of the continents of Asia,  and among individuals of the peoples of America; and the big Scientists of the modern world. Thus, this has become an era of men who desire to become God as they think that now no God exists.

These modern atheists are trying to prove their Godly power, supremacy and transcendence, by trying to perform acts that are attributed to God alone. Therefore, in their territories they try to perform such deceptive socio-economic activities of apparent welfare for their people in order to avoid being regarded as despots but rather as generous Gods. This behavior is similar to that of Satan towards Eve in the Garden of Eden, when Satan told Eve that the forbidden fruit in the Garden was the best fruit for men and would make Adam and Eve to become as gods!, cf.Gen. 3: 5, 6.


Among the atheistic statesmen and scientists the effort to realize and manifest their Godhead in the world quickly, ultimately led them to the production of the Coronavirus in the Science Laboratory. This virus came into the world with the most horrible and oppressive character against human beings. It brought death to every human being with whom it got into contact. It did not respect or exempt or spare anybody, even its producers. It did not respect any human value or dignity, social rank or honors, sex, age, honor or nationality. There was no discrimination or respect or exception in its oppressions; and it gave no time as warning or for the victim to prepare. The Virus was showing example of Godlike supremacy and transcendence with immediate action, without weapons or soldiers, and showing a worldwide scope. The Virus was showing example to the atheists in their efforts to become God in the world; because as without God the world must perish to nonentity in death, the atheist’s as God must bring the gifts of life and goodness, and must come immediately to prevent the world from perishing under the Virus. The atheists goodness must even supersede this one in order to mend the damages already done by the Virus and restore the treasures it had destroyed, and begin the new world diamond era of God of  ATHEISTS.


Meanwhile, all mankind world over, especially all the people of faith who believe in the one Almighty Loving God,  are struggling to overcome the Coronavirus Covid – 19 pandemic, and win the war it has launched against all mankind. This effort urgently requires the united, truthful, honest, and sincere efforts of every human being living on earth, because of its novelty, uniqueness, strength; and its weapon of death. This challenge surpasses the ability of ordinary men to suppress. It offers opportunity to the atheists to show the might of their claim of Godhead by eradicating this Virus and also all the other anti-human agents which use the arsenal weapons of death in the world to kill human beings in masses and destroy all their property. After conquering the Coronavirus the modern world should strive to make restitution of the worldwide damages and losses incurred through the faithless, Godless and immoral conduct of men, which brought the agents that are doing these wicked damages in the modern world.

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