God Will Not Shame Us

I try to be honest, but as human I fail at this many times. But this week, I hope that whoever reads this will learn a thing or two. I hope to reach to you. I hope you don’t see this as one of those random articles you read in newspapers. No, this is more than that. This is a young girl pouring a part of her heart out. This is a girl hoping to connect with you, to create a link…with you.
It has always been my dream to talk to people, to reach out to a large audience, to talk about my challenges, to discuss my fears, to be human with others, and most importantly to help others find themselves by sharing my experiences.
I had hoped to have a website where people could reach me. Aside getting a degree in Law, I hope to be a Public Speaker and a Life Coach. I hope to climb the highest stages in the word someday. I hope to really connect with others, to help when I can, to encourage others to be more humane.
All these are dreams and goals I hope to achieve soon. But on this journey, I have had my down moments. 2020 has being a tough year. From schools being out since March, to me being sick lately. Unlike other years, I got my fair share of sickness this year including the infamous Ulcer. I know it hasn’t been easy for you too. There are nights I feel really down and think that I’m wasting my life. There were days I woke up on the wrong side of the bed wondering what I’m doing here, like what’s the plan of the creator. I’m sure you have had such moments to, and I just want to tell you that it’s normal.
However how you handle those moments is what really matters. How do you handle the not so cool moment? Do you shut others out? Do you lash out on others? Do you take bad decisions? Do you let yourself slide into depression? Hold on. I’m not here to judge. I just want to let you know that you are not alone. I have felt that way. I have been there. I’m still there. So trust me when I say I understand how exactly it feels. Ireadsomewherethatwerisewhenwegotrockbottom.Likeaphoenixwerisefromtheashesofourmistakes.Doyoufallandstaydown?On those moments however, it’s best to keep a calm head and think things through. It’s best to not make a lash decision, to sit down and talk to yourself. That’s the best way to handle it.
Let me be honest, I have made some pretty bad decisions lately, ones I’m definitely not proud of but don’t regret. It’s all part of growing up and figuring out life. But we learn from our mistakes right? That’s the goal. How do you handle your mistakes ? It’s best to pick the lessons from your mistakes and move on. Just a quick reminder that the saviour talked 3 times and rose up three times. Don’t stay down honey. Move!
We all have our moments, times we are happy and sad, times we were high and low, times we had fun and times we are sober. This is life. It’s brings with it everything, from the so beautiful to the ugly. But in all, you need to be intentional and focused on your goals otherwise you will hit rock bottom faster than Nigeria economy.
God no go shame us has become almost an anthem. We sing it every time; while speaking with friends, while chatting, maybe while praying( you never can tell). The way we post it on our social media accounts, one will wonder if God has an account on all the social media platforms and could see the posts and all. God no go shame us has become a plea, a prayer to the one above even.
The only problem is that we shame God everyday while we don’t want him to shame us. Most of us don’t want to work hard, we don’t want to put in the effort to achieve our goals. All we do is shout God no go shame us. My brethren, you will catch that shame ooo if you refuse to work hard. God is not a magician. He doesn’t work on nothing. Remember how he fed the 5000 men? He asked the apostles “what do you have?” And they had 5 breads and two fishes. He needs you to have something he will work on so that he no go shame you.
Again, when things aren’t going as planned, we quiver, we take wrong steps, some even go to the extent of getting mad at God simply because things aren’t going according to their own plans. Dear,doyouknowyouareshamingGod.What if he has better plans? Thought your trust is in God? Even when you are down, do try as much as possible to get a grip on your emotions. Bear in mind say God no go shame you.
So while you say God no go shame us, I honestly hope you are not shaming God too. I hope you don’t let the world beat you into doing so. I hope that despite life ups and down you are working hard towards achieving that goal, towards living your life in the positive way you want.
Lastly I hope you offer help to others when you can. I hope you are doing the needful. I’mnotGod’sspokesman,just a girl who believes in fairness. I believe in equity. One of the maxims of equity is that “he who seeks equity must do equity”. As you don’t want him to shame you, hope you aren’t shaming him too. There should be mutuality. There should be equity. Don’t you think?
No shame God, he no go shame you. Remember, none of us is leaving here alive.

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