It Is Time To Ask Why

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Achebe would say that to be a Nigerian can be unbelievably exciting and abysmally frustrating, we amidst each turbulent throes that rock our leaking boat, we have learnt to take whatever side of the coin each day tosses to us. For in the long run there is little or nothing to do about the situation. Wonder they say never ends. In Nigeria nothing surprises us any longer for it seems obvious we have seen the different shades of light life throws at us. We have seen things get from bad to worst and we still survived.
Last week we felt the shock waves occasioned by the attack on a bullion van conveying money from Enugu to one of the new generation banks in the state capital which took place at Ezzangbo junction in Ohaukwu Local Government Area. This led to the killing of four policemen accompanying the van and also a welder hit by a stray bullet at the scene of the incident.
The sheer effrontery of the attackers to have waylaid a bullion van in a broad daylight still leaves one wondering where they must have garnered such nerve and further validates the fact that it was not an attack made by roadside pickpockets. Though the driver of the bullion van managed to wriggle his way out of the danger zone but not without a good chase by the robbers, it is still disheartening that innocent lives were lost just like that.
The good news however, is that few days after the attack that the armed robbers were already trapped in the police net. The shock that comes with all this is that among the masterminds of the attack were a serving military man and an ex military man. This is indeed remains a thing to be pondered, how a serving military officer connived to rob a state not in the straggling surreptitiousness by which some men on uniform rob commuters but this was a broad day light robbery with all the fierceness that comes with it. This of course calls for a need to pay closer attention to the men in uniforms, for the one caught may be just a scapegoat, for there may be others of this calibre who have harboured the same plans and some who have carried it out and went scot free without being caught.
The above should also point to the government about the hunger in the land, yes, we all cannot lose our sanity and take to the streets with guns, yet we are no less affected by the hunger. The increase in crimes especially theft in this period of pandemic even in the corridors of power is clear evidence that some things are not balanced.
Though hunger does not exculpate unscrupulous officials that keep pilfering our commonwealth. The issue however is that there is an urgent need to battle the issue of theft that has waded into our society. When things like this happen, the best question to ask is usually not what happened, but why did it happen? That is the basic question. Why is there increase in crimes especially in this pandemic? It is only when we can answer this question that we can find our ways around it and solve it.
The efforts of the Ebonyi state government must however be commended, they promised to see that the attackers were brought to book and they kept to their word. At least this should elicit a boost of trust. However there is need to see to the fact that the police men accompanying bullion vans should be well equipped and fully kitted peradventure occasion like this occur again. This would help them to be better equipped and confident in defending themselves for what they are accompanying is not sand but money. So it is not okay to just go out on such assignments unprepared. The government should also try and see to it that the families of the deceased servicemen are well taken care of as a mark of solidarity, so that their death will not be in vain. We should not let them die!

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