Nigeria At The Brink Of Collapse

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Like a raging fire Nigeria has continued to burn. It has burned beyond imagination, tearing down structures, conventions and stereotypes. The wild flames have revealed how feeble our political structures are and have laid bare our present perilous nature. Suffice it to say that, we are at the darkest moment of our national history. It appears we are sitting on a time bomb, awaiting our funeral.

Almost every facet of our polity spells violence. Plunged into the terrible abyss of grief, orchestrated by the incessant loss of loved ones, maiming and critical living conditions, Nigerians now look helpless in the face of these ugly trends. They have been sapped of their strength, vigor, motivation, resilience, and the spirit of patriotism.

What more could a people live for if their lives and properties are insecure? How could they be motivated to make ends meet when they cannot go to their farms and harvest their crops in peace? How else could life be miserable com pared to the present state in Nigeria wherebandits have forcefully evicted people out of their communities in the cruelest of means?

Drums of war are being beaten in the major geo-political zones that make up the country. Majority of the Igbos through Biafra agitations have sworn to take to arms if referendum is not conducted, so they could peacefully secede. The Oduduwa has slated June 12, 2021 as an ultimatum for their own referendum. The Northerners under the ambience of Northern Elders Forum have realized their mistakes in enthroning ethnicity and religion against equity, competence and transparence in choosing their leaders. They have sworn to salvage themselves from the present devastated, wretched and perilous state by voting credibly in the next general election.

Attacks, killings, and destructions are on the rise on daily basis. From the mischievous blame game some state governments have declared that these attacks are political sponsored, geared towards indicting groups that are peacefully seeking for their emancipation. There are also reports from reliable sources of how some military personnel aided bandits in killing innocent citizens and destroying their properties.

Worse still, is a government that does not know what is empathy. We can liken our present state in Nigeria to that of the Israelites in the Sacred Scripture when the Pharaoh that did not know Joseph came to power. We have a government whose conscience is derided, their silence is deafening and complicit nature are overwhelming.

When we look critically at the state of affairs in our dear nation, we should be forced to take decisive actions. We can act fast to prevent this imminent civil war. It is a glaring fact that those who know the ravages and scourges of war do not scout for war. When we beat these drums of war, we immediately recall the despicable state of Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Libya, Angola, Rwanda, Sudan, Biafra and many other nations who turned ashes, lost their history, identity, and whose loved ones became ghosts as a result of war.

Of course we do not want this for our dear nation.  We want a peaceful Nigeria. A Nigeria that secures the lives and properties of its citizenry. A Nigeria where nepotism, sectionalism and ethnicity do not come into play in national affairs.

We must look beyond our quest for ‘One Nigeria’ and consider its infeasibility and untenability.  People must be allowed to decide whom to live with and how to live. If secession will curb incessant killings and douse the tension, fear, subjugation, maiming and hatred hovering around the nation, why don’t we allow it? The government must choose between restructuring and conducting referendum. They must not keep the people in the spell of darkness forever. Nigeria must emerge from this devastating condition. The time is nigh. We must not continue to live in darkness anymore.

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