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I’m excited to finally be graduating this year. Yeah. I bet I have mentioned this before. I talk so much about things that excite me please bear with me. (Plus I deserve to talk about this, I have been in my final year since 2019, lol).

Today I’m not going to talk about the graduating part, Nah. I will be sharing my fears with you. The truth is I’m happy to be graduating but deep down I’m scared. There is the fear that comes with entering into a new phase of life. Inasmuch as I can’t literally wait to be there, it doesn’t stop me from being afraid.

New beginnings are always scary because you keep wondering what you will do and what’s going to happen. But…we have to do it anyway right? Right.

In my 100 level, there was this guy in my final year in my faculty who published a magazine. He had previously written and published a novel. His magazine was titled “After School What Next“. He talked about a couple of things including marriage, and work. His points were valid and practical but not anymore.

The truth is the world had changed and keeps changing. It’s not how things were done in the days of our fathers that they are done today. It’s not how things were done ten years ago that’s they are done now. Every day our country keeps getting worse and worse. You have to find a way to be better. You have to evolve with time otherwise you will be left behind.

Previously, people expect you to find a job after school. But if you are graduating in Nigeria today, you have to put in greater effort to at least find something that can put food on your table. The available jobs are for people who know someone that know someone. Now you barely find them (except you know what you are doing). I will explain.

If you notice there has been a shift in the world. The focus has moved to what your grades are to what you can do. This shift has slowly been happening but became evident last year when the world was shut down, and forced to move online. Now remote jobs are slowly taking shape. I have friends who stay in Nigeria and work with foreigners.

There is a shift and you should be properly equipped if you want to survive. This is a new world that does not really care about your certificate. Certificates are important no doubts. I’m not trying to discourage you from going to school. Nah. Education helped shape me and it would do the same for you. But you need to skill up.

A lot of people are going to school, a lot graduate with first-class or two-one so what makes you stand out. What makes you different? What can you do? Have you seen recent CVs? It’s no longer the regular “where you studied and what you studied”. It’s focused more on what you can do, the hard or soft skills you have.

Did you notice there has been a shift in skills? It’s no more “I can work under pressure”, lol. It has shifted to how persuasive you are, how well you can write, how good you are in other soft skills like web designing, and so on. Companies are looking for people who are bringing values to them. Once you have values, companies will love to hire you.

You should equip yourself with soft skills to stand out. Figure out what niche you want to focus on. There are a lot of things you can learn through the internet. You can learn web designing, copywriting, creative writing, graphics designing, coding, and so on.

Preparation takes all fear away. If you are prepared for something you won’t be caught unawares. If you are a student, find a skill you will learn. If you know any student, talk to them, let them learn a skill while in school. It will come in pretty handy after graduation.

Yes, I’m scared of life after school but I’m equipped from it. I have skills that will sell me. I can do a lot of things including writing persuasive copies, newsletters, articles, and so on. I equally manage products and brands. It’s not an excuse that you are in school. In fact, it’s to your advantage. Start now and you will become an expert in a few years. All you need is constant practice and consistency.

Start today. Start now. Make the rest of your year worthwhile.

Cheers to your continued growth and a fulfilled life.

Modester Chinonyelum

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