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Moving In Circles

Easter is the most important season of the church. It is the period Christ resurrected from the dead. I bet we all know that. If christ died and did not resurrect then the aim of his coming would be defeated. Well that’s not what I want to tell you today.

There is this practice which the church encourages during Lenten season; the act of doing good, of prayers, of fasting and sacrifices. It’s not uncommon to see people change during lent. They change their bad behavior and try to be better because “we are in lent”. You hear people say “if not that we are in the Lenten season, I would have dealt with you”. Some will say ” I don’t want to do that, we are in lent”. Everyone turns a new leaf. Some fast, give arms, help their neighbours or pray just because it’s lent. 

What happens when we do all these beautiful acts throughout the year rather than on a particular period? What happens when we do not assign a particular period to be good? I would like to call this the going-round-cycle syndrome. Let me paint a picture; so the Lenten season comes around February or March (depending on the date of Easter). We supposedly turn into good leaves, put on our best behaviour for at least the 40 days of Easter then go back to our old selves on Easter Sunday. We rejoice that he has risen and switch back to our he-has-not-risen or till-the-next-time-he-will-rise-again mood. The next year we do the same. What does this say about us as christians? How much does it benefit us? What if we are good all year round? Going back and forth diminished our progress. We may even end up in worst places than we were before another Lenten season comes. Some people find it even more difficult to practice goodness during lent as the days go by. This is because when you build a habit and continue to break it, it affects your output at the long run.

In applying this to our personal growth and development, I believe we will grow better if we don’t walk forward then go back. Some of us develop a period like lent where we put in effort then we slack back. The resultant effect of this is that all the efforts you made will wash down the drain once you switch back to your old way of inconsistency and lack of efforts. You may not know this but you will never grow. All you do is going round in circles, no leave, no transfer. This is a dangerous way to live (for someone who wants to achieve something especially). 

Consistency is something most people neglect. I believe we don’t talk about it much. To achieve consistency you need to discipline yourself. Trust me it’s not easy. I have been there, I’m still there so I know how it can be. I’m still battling with procrastination and discipline myself. We may look at it and think it’s easy untill it’s time to do the work. You just have to plan and put in effort into executing that plan.

Some people say that whatever you can do daily for 21 days (3 weeks), that you can be consistent with it. Now imagine practicing something for 40 days and pour down all your efforts down the drain in a few days. Habits are difficult to build but very easy to break. The goal however, should be to make effort to be better, not just at or for a particular period but all year round.  So you should aim at building great habits and sticking to them. 

This is what you should do, firstly try to be a better person all year round (Lenten season or not). You can however do more during that season. Secondly, decide on what you want to achieve in a shirt term (maybe 6 months or a year), draw up a plan and work on it. One may wonder why I keep on emphasizing on this. Trust me you can never go wrong with planning. Again, we all need that constant reminder to do the proper thing.

There is no particular reason to do what is right. There is no specific time for you to work on self-developing yourself. Those who go in circles get nowhere. They keep moving round and round without making a progress whatsoever. It reminds me of this game we play as children where one person stays in the middle and we sing, go round and he or she picks someone else. We never break the circle not did we move forward from it. Don’t be that person. Be a better Christian, be a better human. 

Cheers to your continuous growth and a fulfilled life


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