Community Educators Advocate for GBV Desk in Traditional Rulers Palace

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By Esther Nworie

Community/house-to-house educators on gender-based violence have called on relevant authorities to set up gender desks at the palaces of the traditional rulers in Ebonyi State, where community members can report cases of violation.

The community educators trained and mobilized by the Coalition of Eastern NGOs (CENGOS), CIRRDOC Nigeria with support from Amplify Change spoke to journalists in Abakaliki while sharing their experiences on house-to-house sensitization on GBV.

The eastern NGOs are tackling gender-based violence in Ebonyi state using community educators.

That CENGOS has taken a different measure in tackling gender-based violence increase in Ebonyi State, by training and mobilizing community educators who go from house-to-house to sensitize the people on gender-based violence and the need to speak out when they are violated.

The educators are currently working in communities in Ikwo, Ivo, and Abakaliki Local Government Areas of the state.

One of the community educators, Mr. Jude Ajah from Ihie, Ivo Local Government Area, said that the household discussions have revealed other dangers women suffer in the rural areas. 

He said victims should be supported financially to seek legal redress.

He added, “This community-based Education has yielded so much that I cannot quantify because it has allowed us to go into the grassroots, go into various houses to get to the root of what we are sent to do.

“Most importantly, when you go in and interact with them, they will tell you where it pinches them and from the training we had, we were able to tackle most of their issues. 

“So we will still want to be encouraged until we get the required result of ending gender-based violence.

“The sponsors should establish a gender desk in rural areas.

“Victims are not speaking up because they don’t have a financial background. They cannot forward their cases. And it is very hard for us to get the desired result.

“We want the programme sponsors to come closer to the rural areas so that these women instead of dying in silence because there is no money to come to the town and register their cases can be doing that at the community level”.

Nancy Oko-Onya, Coordinator CENGOS, Ebonyi State, urged the educators to intensify effort to ensure that domestic violence is also reduced.

“Household discussion gives individuals the opportunity to learn and share their challenges more than when they were at the village square, so I urge you all to put in your best, remember it is service to humanity,” she stated.

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