The Need To Sue For Peace

Anyone observing recent happenings in Ebonyi State might think that the state has joined the ongoing scramble for secession. One might also think that Ebonyi is under a siege. The incessant communities’ crisis has skyrocketed beyond imagination.  Almost every community in Ebonyi state is at war with another community or a neighboring town.  Bloodshed, maiming, destruction of valuables has become the other day. Amidst these community clashes, we are also engulfed in the onslaught of Fulani Herdsmen. 

A critical observation of these crises, one may be forced to ask pertinent questions. First, what is fundamental about these community wars? Is there a uniting factor? Are there underlying political interests fueling the fracas? These and more are necessary questions that should race through our minds in the face of these crises. 

Each time we think of war, we immediately think of its ravages. We ponder in sober reflection of our lost ones, lost histories, identities and how wars have torn communities and nations apart and they never became the same again. Wars rip people off developmental strides and throw them back to stone age where there is no civilization. 

To tackle these communal crises, there is need to embrace peace. Peace is often considered as the benchmark of cowardice but such assumption is erroneous. Mot times, the path of peace is the path of the valiant and a demonstration of greatness. Waring communities in Ebonyi State must look beyond their rifts and consider the future of their children and their generations unborn. Posterity may fail to forgive them if they make their communities inhabitable because of vested interests. 

The government must also play crucial roles in this peace talk. They must abandon any tendency to politicize the crises. People who wage wars against each other should be pacified throughfavourable government policies and programs aimed towards improving their conditions and raising their living standards if they accept to sheath their swords. The unemployed youths in embattled areas can be offered lucrative positions in various governmental parastatals. Others can be given incentives to establish business and to invest in agriculture and other profitable sectors of our economy. Government must resist the use of force to quell the crises as such measure is often counterproductive.  

Effort should be made through intelligence reports and investigations to unveil sponsors of these communities’ clashes and perpetrators be brought to book.  They must be made to relinquish their vested interests and give room for peace to prevail. 

In all, we must look down in retrospective how much we fought to be here. Decades ago, Ebonyi was considered as one of the backward states. But today, given the geometric developmental strides, Ebonyi has etched her name in the sands of time. We must not draw ourselves back to the dark side of civilization as a result of communal wars.

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