Insecurity; Ebonyi Mobilizing Conventional Security – Barr Uchenna Orji

BARRISTER UCHE ORJI is the Commissioner for Information in Ebonyi State. In this interview with the Citizens’ Advocate, he looks at the security situation in Ebonyi, and he said the government is mobilizing conventional security to disputed communities in the state.

What is Ebonyi doing presently to stop the killing of their citizens?

Beyond the 4,000-member vigilante that we have across the state, just two weeks ago, the governor consulted with the stakeholders and a total number of 1,000 more vigilante members were recruited, five per community.

There are 140 communities in Ebonyi, that is 700, and for the metropolis and satellite towns, a total number of 300 were recruited, making it 1000. The governor is procuring 140 vehicles for each of the communities to enable the civilian security outfit together with the conventional security outfit to police the various communities. These 1,000 newly recruited members will be supervising the existing 4,000 members.

This, we hope, will help to curtail criminalities and help to clamp down on criminals wherever they may be. This is not a Utopian state or society. We still expect that the much we can do is to curtail drastically the menace of insecurity in our state. The government is also mobilizing more conventional security to the afflicted communities.

Egedege has about 100 more security officials that we had deployed to police the area and keep the peace to avoid further escalation or retaliation. In Ohaukwu LGA, the Efium crisis has attracted not less than 600 security personnel who are helping to police the place, and of course, we have a CCTV camera mounted in every major location in the state.

These viewing centres are located in strategic places including the barracks and some quarters. Through this, we have given a hot chase to criminals within the metropolis. Some of these criminal acts are being carried out in the remote parts of the communities in Ebonyi State. It is hoped that as our network goes further, we will be able to connect those remote areas with our CCTV cameras.

These killings in Ebonyi State, the first one was blamed on Fulani herdsmen which prompted the South-East governors to set up Ebubeagu, a regional security outfit,  a few days later, there was another attack that was blamed on one Ado Local Government in Benue State, which they denied. What exactly is the problem? What is happening to Ebonyi?

In Ebonyi State, we are only having a share of issues of insecurity across the country. I will concede to you that before the recent time, Ebonyi has been very calm; communal issues were being sorted out. We had not much of these violent clashes but of a sudden, it came, so surprisingly.

In the case of Egedege in Ishielu Local Government Area, where about 15 indigenes were killed or gruesomely murdered, and properties destroyed, the community fingered the herdsmen from the area, coming from the history of their relationship with herdsmen.

We can believe that there is more to it that government and security agents should step in and track the criminal elements and given the fact that when the incident was about happening, the herdsmen around pulled out and evacuated the area and shows that by circumstantial evidence, it is traceable to them. The government’s position is that security agents should do their work to bring justice to that community. The Vice-President of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo, has visited affected areas, together with the governor.

I am sure that something is being done. The governor has also requested that some palliatives should be brought to the community by the relevant agencies of the Federal Government. In the case of Umuogudu Akpu in Ohaukwu Local Government Area and Agila community in Benue, it was on the 12th of April that the community woke up to see about four people murdered and properties destroyed

Initially, they were suspecting herdsmen because of their previous activities in Egedege but the history and circumstance of that killing and destruction of property were traced compellingly to the Agila community in Benue. The investigation is on and we do hope that security agencies would unravel the situation but generally, Ebonyi State like I have earlier stated is very peaceful except for communal clashes arising from disputation of land ownership and of course, recent issues of herdsmen/farmers crisis.

With the arrangement on the ground by the state government, all of those issues will be nipped in the bud. We are also looking at gathering intelligence on the remote and immediate causes of all of those violent crimes in Ebonyi State.

What’s the hope of Ebonyi State and the government per se in the commission of Ebubeagu Security Outfit in the South East? How are they going to work with bodies like the ESN and the rest of them?

I speak for Ebonyi State to say our dear Governor, David Umahi, who is incidentally the Chairman of the South-East Governors’ Forum, had a security summit with governors of South-East in Owerri, Imo State on the 11th of April, 2021 and they came up with a resolution to launch Ebubeagu as their zonal security outfit and being a federating state, each state is required to have joint funding and to set up a committee to ensure the implementation of the whole concept of Ebubeagu in South-East.

I must say even before that time, each state had had a kind of internal vigilante group which I am sure will be integrated into Ebubeagu as South-East Security Outfit and I think that we don’t have any other government in the South- East except the governments of the various states in the South-East.

The governments of the South-East, talking about the five governors, came together in liaison and in consultation with leaders in the South-East, the youth organizations, women organizations, religious organizations and they came up with this singular security outfit for the South-East. I think that is just the issue. There cannot be any other outfits in the South-East zone. 

Is it not better to incorporate the ESN into this? And the other time, IPOB said anyone that goes for recruitment into Ebubeagu should know that that person is on his way home. What is your take on this?

 We should learn not to attach so much credibility to social media posts. The youths in the South-East as far as I am concerned are going to be part of Ebubeagu and I don’t know whether anybody thinks these youths will be brought from any other zones apart from the South-East.

 Whether we are having any other organization, nongovernmental organization or not, what is important is that the governments of the South-East have come up with Ebubeagu as South-East Security Outfit and they are going to integrate all its able-bodied youths who must pass their credibility tests; they must be recommended by the town union leaders, traditional rulers, religious groups and other non-governmental organizations. That is the singular message.

When do you think that training for this will start?

 I think the South-East Governors’ Forum will resolve all of that.

As an Information commissioner in Ebonyi state, you should be able to know, like in the South-West, before they took off with Amotekun, there were relevant laws that were passed in their State Houses of Assembly. That has not been done in the South-East. We just woke up one day and heard Ebubeagu has been floated. Are the South-East governors going to back up Ebubeagu with enabling laws? 

 Your position is not a true position. The South-East governors under the leadership of our governor, Chief Umahi, have been meeting over the security issues of the South-East even before any other zones. I can say that they had set up a committee before now.

They had also consulted with various Houses of Assembly. I think there had been a draft template for it for each of the state, given that each of the Houses of Assembly, and of course, the Commissioners for Justice in each of the state are in tune with all of this process to have a legal backing that will be common to all the states. Each state will have legislation on South-East Security Outfit but it is going to be common and similar by the letter and spirit of the law in each of the states.

These are the preparations they have made and I can tell you that they have so many processes and steps they have already taken, which might not be in the public space being a security issue.

 In the South West, there is Amotekun, in the South-East, Ebubeagu, and in the north, Hisbah. Is Nigeria regionalizing through the back door?

It is by no way a regional system of government. This is a form of cooperation, collaboration, a form of security coordination that requires a central committee or connective point so that they can be having peer review and feedback across the states of the zone. We operate a presidential federal system of government; we don’t have a governor-general that administers the activities of the entire zones.

The whole structure is managed by each state but there is a central coordinating point that gives ideal for trading, intelligence, coordination, and other things

Part of the legal provisions is the fact that every security outfit of every state has rights and power and we have the rights and power to track every situation outside their jurisdiction. That is the corporation we are talking about. That is the difference between a state security outfit and this zonal security outfit.

How soon can that be Mr. Commissioner? As you rightly said that those atrocities are being committed in the remote areas of the state and people there are living in fear? 

As I said, what we do is to ensure we give immediate attention to flashpoints. The issue of security is a gradual process. We believe that with this Ebubeagu, with the recruitment of more civilian security personnel, we will be able to reach out to those communities and with time, when there is a network, we will be able to connect the remote communities with the CCTV cameras.

The South-East had been relatively calm, but with the recent incidents, especially, in Ebonyi and Imo states, that are APC states, it is as if they opened their states and this is a consequence…

It calls for concern that Ebonyi that has been very peaceful, with lots of transformational projects going on, all of a sudden, few months after declaration, justifiably, to the ruling APC, that is at the center for us to connect the mainstream which has been the political culture of South-East, we are now beginning to see pockets of violent crimes

It appeared to be sponsored but we cannot speak on that, except that we require intelligence gathering to find out the root cause of all these sudden attacks in communities of our state.

We don’t rule out the possibility of manipulations but it is only intelligence that can resolve all of these. We are not quick to give allegation in what we have not had prima facie evidence to substantiate any form of claim in that regard.


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