Its Sickly Belief One Can Decide Next Ebonyi Governor – Umahi

By Esther Nworie

The Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Umahi says anyone who thinks he can decide the next Governor of the State must be suffering from a chronic ailment as it is only God that can determine that.

Umahi said for the development and peace recorded in the state so far to continue, God will anoint who takes over from him. 

The Governor spoke in Abakaliki on Sunday, during the ‘Day-4’ of the ongoing 7-day Prayer and Fasting to end the crises in the state and insecurity in the country.

The prayer held at the Akanu Ibiam International Conference Centre, Abakaliki, was organized by a group called Divine Mandate Pastors.

Umahi who doubles as Chairman, South-East Governors Forum, further expressed optimism that the next President of Nigeria would have to be ordained by God himself as well.

According to him, it would take a person with the special grace of God to saddle the leadership of the nation and Ebonyi State ahead of 2023.

His words: “The Presidency of the country is such that if you call somebody who is in the flesh and say come and become President, he will say please I don’t want to be. That is what the situation is and any man that will take it by manipulation will not survive it even for one month.

“God has to choose the next President of this country. It is so challenging but your prayers have kept us in this State, our projects are all ongoing in a miraculous form. 

“Someone must be sick to believe he can manipulate who becomes the next governor of this state. Did I come by the power of the flesh? So for this work to continue, God will anoint the next Governor of the State and God will anoint somebody that has the fear of God.

“God will anoint somebody that has a passion for the people, God will anoint somebody that will continue in partnerships with the Christians, some people have started moving around the North to talk to people to manipulate the Governorship. 

“I have left it in your hands and it is safe in your hands.”

He said he planned to consolidate the gains of his achievements in 2022 with a series of people-oriented policies and empowerment programmes.

“I have declared next year a year of accountability because every kobo I received for the state will be accounted for and it will be public account and that same 2022 is a year of extraordinary empowerment. You remember that even God almighty rested, so it is a year of rest.”

He called on the nation’s leaders to consider engaging agitators in various regions of the country to ascertain their grievances and work towards addressing them, if they are genuine.

“Every violence, every agitation, they have their reasons. I believe in a united Nigeria. I believe that the nation Nigeria should look into the complaints of the people of the South East. 

“I don’t believe in violence. I don’t believe that we should divide Nigeria but I believe in fairness, justice, equity. I believe in that for the South East. I believe in that for other regions of Nigeria. 

“The resources of this country, if we dwell in peace, if we dwell in unity, if we dwell in fairness and justice are enough to secure the future of our children. All that is needed is for our leaders to change their hearts.

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