Panic Grips Egedegede

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Egedegede in Fresh Panic

Fresh Terror/Fears Grip Egedegede 

… on Next Invasion of Herders

By Edeh Nwigwe

There was great fear on the 1st of May, 2021, at Egedegede and environs as rumours spread across the area that the Fulani had come back with 3 hilux vans, aimed at refreshing attack.

This rumour spread up to Nigercem and they were running helter skelter for help but it was not proved beyond doubt that the people with hilux were herders. 

The run for life continued until about 12pm which attracted the attention of concerned citizens, even the press. 

Citizens’ Advocate reporter later joined sympathizers to the area. 

They first visited the Nigercem where they said that a hilux van was park at Group One and suspected to have carried the Fulani to the area for further attack. 

In an interview, a member of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence, Mr. Ekpunze told the reporter that many of the occupants of Group One Quarters had vacated to unknown hide out, thinking that the herders had come again.

When security men of the area approached the parked Hilux van, it was a government vehicle which broke down and was parked by the driver to look for a mechanic. 

Mr. Ekpunze said that it took the security men led by Chief Abel Ega much time to convince most of the inhabitants to return to their houses after about 5 hours of hiding.

The reporter also went to the Egedegede part of Obeagu but could not notice any parked vehicle there. 

After some 45 minutes, the reporter saw a lady, who gave her name as Mrs. Ebe Elizabeth Nwaka who said that they were on the run since 7a.m. till now in the fear that the Hilux parked at their junction could be of the “man-eating leopards” called Fulani herders because, according to her, the people came with Hilux vans during their first attack and so, each time they sight such vehicle, they would take to their heels for fear of losing lives and property again. 

She confirmed that there was a Hilux van parked in the area but did not confirm if they were herders. 

Mrs. Ebe lamented that the guarding soldiers who have been keeping vigilance on the war-torn area had left after the threats of the coming of the Eastern Security Network, adding that the absence of the soldiers makes the area insecure and prone to attacks by hoodlums. 

She passionately appealed to the government to arrange for and install military men in the area to give hope to the people of the area and environs. 

As at about 2p.m. on that day, people were gradually crawling back into their homes and houses but not with utmost confidence. 

Even though the rumour was very strong, what gave the reporter and others the confidence to visit those places was that the motorcycle operators were plying that Nkalagu/Eha-Amufu Federal Road without hitches, claiming that there was nothing fearful at Egedegede and that the assumed Hilux could be a private vehicle of a passerby.   

Meanwhile, normalcy has returned there, even though the people live in abject fear day and night and some do not sleep with two eyes closed or outside their homes. 

The reporter visited the area again on 4th May, 2021, and there was absolute peace with the farmers in their farms doing their cultivation, tilling and clearings.

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