Commotion at Burial Ceremony

… When In-laws Demand to See Corpse of Deceased

By Edeh Nwigwe.             

There was pandemonium in a burial ceremony of a lady, Mrs. Immaculata Chinasa Alo on 8th May, 2021, at Azuedengwu village in Umuhuali of Ishielu LGA of Ebonyi State when the husband’s family turned down the request of the lady’s family to see their daughter’s corpse before burial.

Briefing Citizens’ Advocate reporter at the Alo Alegu’s compound during the event, a member of the family, Mr. Alo Felix said the family of the lady, Aluboke refused to see the corpse when the officiating pastor from Onitsha called for that. 

He said that after over two hours service and the body was being taken to the grave was when the family of the deceased lady demanded to see the corpse before burial, a request that was resisted by the family of the husband, hence the chaos. 

But members of the family, Aluboke in Ndegu Nji in Amokwe Umuhuali insisted that they must see the corpse of their daughter before burial, an idea that was turned down by Alo’s family which brought disorder at the event. 

The children of the late woman were highly inflamed that on no account should the coffin be opened again and wondered why they did not queue up with others but demanded a separate time to view the corpse. 

The commotion, Mr. Alo said, continued until the people did not know when the pastor left the venue.

He further explained that the two families clashed for over an hour before the corpse was buried through a prayer conducted by Chief Peter Nwokpo. 

Consequently, the lady’s family vacated the scene in annoyance and grief as they did not succeed with their request.

He also said that during the confusion many of sympathizers fled for their lives as none of the two families could pay attention to pleas for caution and calm, thus, creating more agony for children and entire family of the deceased.

Even the husband of the late Chinasa, Mr. Nichodemus Alo was in deep grief over the misunderstanding, though was against re-opening the coffin the second time for his in-laws.

The late Lady Immaculata Chinasa was said to be one of the women leaders at their Onitsha church and the bread winner of her family but died after a protracted illness at the age of about 41years. 

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