St. Theresa Secondary School Okpaugwu Abakaliki Holds 2nd Inter-House Competitions

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By Johnpaul Nwotsa

Friday, 7th of May, 2021 will remain a remarkable day in the minds of the staff and students of St. Theresa Secondary School, Okpaugwu, Abakaliki, when they held their second Inter-House Sports Competitions in an atmosphere of joy and resounding jubilation. The event which took place at the school play ground featured different sports competitions which includes: volley ball, table tennis, football match, basket ball, match past, egg race, sack race, etc.

While delivering the homily at the Eucharistic celebration that marked the opening of the grand finale, Rev. Fr. Ugochukwu Udegbe, one of the priests that graced the occasion, urged the students to bear it in mind that their moral life and social life as students in a Catholic Mission School should be exceptional wherever they found themselves, compare to others. Fr. Ugochukwu further advised the students to always love, obey, cherish and abide by the rules and regulation of the school management and the entire staff, for where there is peace, development, progress and mutual understanding take place.

Fr. Ugochukwu pleaded with the students to take their education and sports very serious in order to make their parents proud in future. 

In her welcome address. Rev. Sr. Esther Uchenna Nwobi, the Principal of St. Theresa Secondary School, Okpaugwu Abakaliki, welcomed everyone that honoured their invitation.

Sr. Uchenna, made the guests to understand that sports or physical exercises are good for healthy human life, and that sports form an integral part of education.

She said that St. Theresa Secondary School was founded at the inspiration of Rt. Rev. Monsignor PatrickMary Anene mmuo, who saw the need to refine education that was at the verge of collapsing.

Sr. Uche also, stated that their mission is to form young boys and girls that would praise God through balanced education, making them develop fully and equipping them to compete with other quality students. 

According to Sr. Uche, “we are not left in our spiritual life and academics. In morality and discipline, St. Theresa Secondary School students are doing their best, despite the difficulty to get a perfect human person in the society. 

Sr. Uche advised parents to send their children to St. Theresa Secondary School, Okpaugwu Abakaliki, for moral, academic, cultural and sports upbringing, stressing that despite their high quality standard of education, good environment and teachers, they had always maintained affordable school fees, just because we are missions trying to live the mind of Christ and his church.

Rev. Sr. Uchenna, thanked God for the gift of the following: His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. Michael Nnachi Okoro, the Catholic Bishop of Abakaliki Diocese, for approving St. Theresa Secondary School Okpaugwu and his fatherly care too; Rt. Rev. Monsignor PatrickMary Anene Mmuo, the initiator and founder of St. Theresa Secondary school, Okpaugwu Abakaliki; Rev. Mother Martha Nkiruka Offor, the Mother General of Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd for her motherly care and support and Rev. Fr. Dr. Edward Inyanwachi, the Director of Catholic Education Commission, Abakaliki, Diocese for his encouragement and supervision all the time to ensure that things are going normal.  

She also thanked those she described as their spiritual directors in the persons of Rev. Frs: Chinyelugo Udegbe, Ugochukwu Udegbe and Malachy Okonkwo, for their selfless services towards the moral upbringing of the students.

She also thanked the Patrons/ Patronesses of the Houses who include: Pink House – Hon. Mrs. Chinyere Nwogbaga, Chairman, Ebonyi LGA.; Red House – Rev. Fr. Dr. Chidi Obasi; White House – Dr. Chudi Egbonu; Blue House – Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Ezeanyim; Orange House – Engr. Innocent Nwoffia; Yellow House – Mr. Emeka Okolo; Purple House – Mr. Anthony Nwokeocha and Green House – Sir/Dr. Michael Madukife.

She did not forget to send words of greetings to Hon. Cyril Ani, the Parents Teachers’ Association (P.T.A) Chairman and all members of the PTA for their encouragement and contributions to the progress of the inter house sports. 

And indeed, the entire staff and students of St. Theresa Secondary School Okpaugwu Abakaliki, also got large doses of her gratitude and she therefore prayed God to bless everyone.  

The sports fiesta ended with the awarding of prizes to houses and individual athletes who distinguished themselves in different field and track events.

The overall best performing houses were: First position – Pink House: 5 gold medals, 3 silver and 4 bronze; 2nd position – Orange House: 4 Gold medals, 6 silver and 3 bronze and 3rd position – Yellow House: 4 Gold medals, 3 silver and 1 bronze medal. 

The two visiting schools were not left out in the competition. Twelve Apostles College Sharon and Transfiguration Secondary School Abakaliki, where Twelve Apostles College emerged first and 2nd positions while Transfiguration Secondary came 3rd position in 100 metres race. 

Speaking with Citizens’ Advocate reporter, Rev. Fr. Dr. Edward Inyanwachi, the Director, Catholic Education Commission, Abakaliki Diocese, thanked God for the successful event.

Fr. Inyanwachi called on all the students to cherish constantly the holistic education that the school offers and to see the games as a way of showcasing their talents and skills. 

Fr. Inyanwachi thanked Rev. Sr. Esther Uchenna Nwobi, the Principal of the School, for her moral and academics upbringing of the students, the staff and indeed the entire management of the school for the love and peace existing among them.

On his own part, Engr. Alex Enang, the Chairman of the occasion thanked the management, staff and the entire students of St. Theresa Secondary School Okpaugwu for showcasing their skills in sports not only in academics.

Engr. Alex therefore, charged parents, guardians, teachers and everyone to work towards improving the standard of education so as to safeguard the future of our children and our dear nation since education remains crucial in the process of nation building.

He therefore prayed God to lead everyone safely back to their different abodes.         


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